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Using Proteomics Analysis to Uncover Protein Glycosylation

Our recent work on protein glycosylation has received attention from Following the full text. Protein recovered from poultry and fish by-products is becoming more important as an ingredient in the food industry. Unfortunately, it is often degraded during the recovery process, … Continue reading

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Cultured Meat: A possible sustainable source of animal proteins?

My former student, Isha Datar, explains to us (with numbers) why mass production of beef would be unsustainable. The solution would be moving toward the “artificialization” of our food chain by using tissue engineering techniques, like, for instance, cultured meat technology. This technology seems … Continue reading

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La Repubblica delle Idee 2012 – Scrivere il Futuro

Next: il futuro e’ tornato (mio intervento sulla high tech bistecca al minuto 64)

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Creating the perfect partial salt replacement

Mirko Betti shows the traditional kokumi product in his left hand and the cleaner kokumi product he and his team created with a more efficient technology in his right hand. In the quest to lower sodium consumption in the North … Continue reading

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“Kokumi” flavour enhancers from poultry and fish proteins

Dr. Mirko Betti and co-applicants from University of Alberta have received $ 340,000 from Alberta Innovates – Bio Solution to find new technologies to generate kokumi sensation from undervalued poultry and fish proteins. The term kokumi refers to the Japanese … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

Mirko Betti university researcher links philosophy and food Read the article at:              

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Can we reduce salt in meat products? Yes we can…with beta-glucans and High Pressure Process Technology

As consumers wish to engage in healthier eating without sacrificing the tastes and textures they are used to, food scientists like ourselves are looking for alternative ingredients and processing methods to create healthier familiar foods. Sodium has recently become subject … Continue reading

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Edible Polymer Films from Isolated Muscle Proteins (IMP)

Read the article A New Film Star

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