• NUFS 425: Methods and Applications in Nutritional Product Development and Quality Assurance. Outline 2012 NUFS 425. Development of the rationale and concept or prototype of a novel food with beneficial nutritional properties. Practical and theoretical aspects of nutritional product development and quality assurance and current issues in nutrition and health.  Students will complete a group project in the area of nutrition and food science.
  • NUFS 404 (undergraduate) /AFNS 504 (graduate): Muscle Food Science and Technology Outline 2011 NUFS 404. The course focuses on biological, chemical, biochemical and technological aspects of  the processing of muscle food (meat, poultry and seafood). 
  • AFNS 532: Advanced Food Protein Chemistry and Technology Outline 2011 AFNS 532. Chemistry and technology of food protein purification, modification, structure and functional properties.  Food related proteins from animal and plant sources will be discussed.